Jake And Frank
(Production Monkeys!)
Jake and Frank in a Compromising Position

   That's me the sexy one on the left. And now for a bit of info about myself. I am a 1st year senior here at JSC and am 22 years old. I have been a DJ here for 2 years now and am currently one of the morning men on the air here. I have been a number of things here: production co-manager, jazz music director (and will be again soon),  publicity guy and currently the elected Treasurer for the station. I am a Jazz/Commercial music major here at JSC and will hopefully grow up to be a musician, but one is never sure.

   I became involved with WJSC because I was always fascinated with the idea of being a DJ. Way back years ago I would spend afternoons making my own radio shows on a cheap boombox with a built in mike. Now however I can spread my unique sense of humor and great music into the radios of numerous people. It is quite fun and I do enjoy so and will continue to be an active member of this station until I leave this fine institution. Thanks for visiting.

My 10 favorite artists/bands-
2)Joshua Redman
3)Tower of Power
4)Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
5)Ani DiFranco
6)Dave Matthews Band
7)Christian McBride

8)ReBirth Brass Band
9)Diana Krall

   Who's your daddy? Me, of course. I am the great and highly exalted one known as Frank. I am in the first of sixty or seventy senior years. I too can remember how years ago Jake made tapes of radio shows and I used beat up that dorky kid who enjoyed playing with his radio. It's funny but very little has changed since those days of old.

   I am a music education here at Johnson and plan on eventually graduating, but like Jake said:"one is never sure." You might not be able to tell by the picture, but I am actually only three feet, four inches tall. I believe that I have set a record for being the world's shortest tuba player. Of course, size isn't every thing, but it does help. Being involved with the radio station has been a real blast. If you haven't figured it out yet I am the "less than normal" one here. So I thought I'd leave you with a bit of a different list.

My ten favorite things involving midgets:
10)Midget Wrestling
9)Midget Basketball
8)Midget Marathons
7)Time Bandits
6)Freaky Dreams Involving German Midgets Dressed In Latex
5)Midget Moshing
4)Midget Porno
3)Midget Boxing
2)Midget Throwing
1)Star Wars