Lindsay C. Klug
Lindsay Klug

I love music, laughter, writing,love, soul, acting, and faith.I believe in truth and not denying your feelings. I'm a creative writing major and theater minor who dances and listens to music feeling the passion of every step I take with every breath.  I don't do drugs or drink- I want to aid in entertaining the world someday and have a fabulous home by a large body of water with three fabulous cars.  You can call me linds- (and I'm from Rochester, NY).

My role here at the station is one of bringing the new sounds of independence to our booth.  AKA-  I put reviewed and good independent albums for dj's to play in the booth.  I decide what goes out as far as basic college rock (top 200) is concerned and I chart the top 30 albums that are played.Every week I submit my chart to CMJ New Music Report and it gets printed in the magazine.  I also talk to record companies and promotion companies about their albums that they work and how they're doing here.The benefits are extra CD's, tickets and other promotional items. (And the CMJ festival in NYC every year).

My top fourteen all time favorite artists-

1. Anita Baker
2. Everything But the Girl
3. Me'shell NdegeOcello
4. Jonatha Brooke
5. Stevie Wonder
6. Al Jarreau
7. Quincy Jones
8. Brian McKnight
9. Jonathan Butler
10. Chaka Khan
11. Paula Cole
12. Ani Difranco
13. Mary J. Blige
14. George Benson
15. Shawn Colvin

My top "8" all time favorite songs-

1. Quincy Jones's production of "Birdland"
2. Ambrosia- "Biggest Part of Me"
3. Luther Vandross- "A House is not a Home" 5. Michael Jackson- "I can't help it"/ "Human Nature"
6. Everything But the Girl- "Understanding" (from fave. album of theirs)
7. Paula Cole- "Happy Home"
8. George Benson- "Breezin'"

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