Dan Shamblin
(Loud Rock MD)
Dan Shamblin
Dan shamblin, the man, the myth, the legend.
        I'm the metal/loud rock junky, but my interests in music extent into many categories. Also my interests extend further then just music.  I am a snow boarder, actually the largest one I have ever seen on the mountain at 6'6" tall.  That has occupying my time a lot lately. Besides that I do a hell of a lot of traveling. Originally a native Californian who left at age 18 to see the east and found that I like it and have been in New England for about five years now. I have traveled extensively most of the United States and a ton of Canada.  I do go to school too.  This is my third year at Johnson as a Political Science major.
        Every semester I have been here I have been a DJ at WJSC. This is my third semester as loud rock director.  My position includes to keep contact with several record companies to ensure that WJSC gets all the loud rock releases.  Some of the companies I talk to are Road Runner, Hollywood, Mans Ruin, Alternative Tentacles, and there are many more.
    Here's a list of my favorite releases in the last year for loud rock.
1)Soul Fly
2)Kid rock
4)Rob Zombie
5)Sam Black Church
6)Nothing Face
8)The High Flying Gargoyles