Andrew Frappier
(General Manger)
Andy Frappier

Good day everybody. I'm Andy and I'm the general manager here at the station. This is my third year in college and my second here at Johnson. I'm a music education major, which means... that's right... in a few years I'll be molding the minds of the young to do my bidding... (well maybe not that last part). Hopefully within the next few years I'll be teaching somewhere around new england.

I joined WJSC because I have always had a strange facination with being a DJ, as I'm sure many people do. After a year however I found that the DJ gig was something which I wasn't something that I was that great at, during that time I became part of the production staff. Noting my love for the station, Jesse Gaudette, the previous GM, decided to train me to take over his position. So here I am! The responsibilities of the GM include: Working on the scedule, doing finacial work, ordering and picking up any equipment that need buying or servicing and generally trying to keep the station running as smoothly as I can.

10 Favorite Bands (In no real order)

1)Counting Crows
2)Toad The Wet Sprocket
3)Ben Folds Five
5)Pink Floyd
6)Red House Painters
8)Tori Amos
10)Red Hot Chili Peppers

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