About Us

We are a small college radio station located in the Dewey Campus Center of Johnson State College.
We broadcast our signal of 255 watts to the surrounding areas from our antenna perched atop Dibden Center for the arts.

Who gave the camera to the drunk guy?
Beautiful little bugger isn't it?

In our booth, along with the DJ's, you can find equipment ranging from the cutting edge to the slightly outdated yet fully functional. Along with our main console and 2 super duper expensive microphones we have-

I love hip hop!

Most of our DJ's are students, however we do offer shows to those in the area, along with faculty and staff of the college. Most DJ's tend to bring in their own music, however we do have a supply of records and and ever increasing library of CD's ranging from mainstream to extremely independent.

Beautiful workmanship!
This is after we removed all the singles. These are all full albums.

We broadcast live every week day from 8 am to 2 am. (sometimes till 5 am) on the weekends we usually begin at 11 am and continue to either 2 or 5 am. Our schedule in constantly changing. The most updated version can always be seen in Dewey campus center outside the radio station.

Losers get bad time slots!